discussing for exporting beef
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Since October 2010, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has been discussing with Japanese government of Malaysia for exporting beef in Japan.

The Malaysian government announced that it approved Japanese beef export facilities (2 facilities) incorporating Malaysian halal system. In response to this, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare established ‘Malaysia exported Beef Handling Code’ and notified the municipalities.

With this, we have been able to export Japanese beef to Malaysia from today.


Main export conditions

There are no foot-and-mouth disease and BSE occurrence in Japan for 12 months before export.

To be processed at the export facility certified by the Malaysian Veterinary Services Authority (DVS) (all processed in halal format).

There is no age restriction.


Export Facilities for Malaysia (2 facilities)

· Zenkai Meat Co., Ltd. (Kumamoto Prefecture)

· Nishi-Awa Beef Co., Ltd. (Tokushima)


Export volume in the past

2007: 22.72 million yen (3,094 kg) 2008: 30.89 million yen (4,244 kg) 2009: 41.19 million yen (6,392 kg)

Source: Ministry of Finance “Trade Statistics”